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Get Out and About This Winter

Just because the holidays are coming to an end, doesn't mean that you need to hibernate until the spring flowers flourish. In fact, winter is one of the best times to get out and about⁠—whether you want to go winter wildlife watching, get active in the snow and ice, or catch a glimpse of the northern lights. With that in mind, here's some seasonal inspiration for your winter adventures.

7 National Parks That Are Even Better in Winter

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from getting outdoors at these national parks—they're low key better in the snowy season.

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A snow fox pounces on its prey in snowy Yellowstone National Park. Photo: FloridaStock / Shutterstock

20 of the Coolest Winter Activities in the US

From snowshoeing in Sequoia National Park to singing carols on the Boston Harbor, add these winter activities to your holiday wishlist.

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Take part in some of the coolest seasonal activities in the US this winter. Photo: Cheryl Nelson / Shutterstock

Explore the top winter activities in the US

The Best Ski Towns in the US—For People Who Hate Skiing

Après-ski ... without the ski? What could be better for travelers who want the coziness of a ski lodge hot chocolate without the hassle of actually skiing.

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Park City, Utah, has plenty more to offer than just great skiing. Photo: Kevin Ruck / Shutterstock

8 Top Snowy Destinations for Winter Activities

From wild natural park excursions to scenic cultural stops, these snowy destinations will transport you to your very own winter wonderland.

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A reindeer sled ride is one of the top winter activities. Photo: Andrei Kobylko / Shutterstock

Know before you go

Prepare for your winter vacation with our top tips.

The 8 Most Magical Alpine Villages in Europe To Visit This Winter

Recapture the idyllic winters of yesteryear in these Alpine villages which offer the best of the season.

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Get your puffa jacket on and make for the top Alpine villages in Europe. Photo: Ladanivskyy Oleksandr / Shutterstock

9 Underrated Winter Destinations Around the World

Avoid the holiday crowds but keep the holiday spirit at these quieter seasonal alternatives.

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Go off the beaten path this winter. Photo: Balate Dorin / Shutterstock

Find the perfect winter experience for you

Whether you want to escape the cold or embrace it, wherever you are in the US.

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